Water Treatment Replacement Service Vessels

Sepratech provides service vessels in a variety of sizes for all water treatment applications including:

  • Pressure
  • Gravity
  • Ion Exchange
  • Multi-Media
  • Softeners
  • Sand
  • Carbon

Sepratech provides “in-kind” replacement vessels for ALL original manufacturers. Call us today!

Filter Nozzles, Screens & Internal Arrays

An internal dispersal network that distributes the water through ion exchange resin or other filter media that separates impurities from the water. Sepratech specializes media change-out, repair/maintenance/replacement of original manufacturer internal components.

Sepratech Corporation can provide replacements, service and or replace:

  • Nozzles in Multiple Applications
    • Ion Exchange Resin
    • Pipes
    • Plate Underdrain
    • Monolithic Floors
  • Replacement / Repair of Internal Laterals
    • Screen Wound
    • Wedge Wire
    • Slotted Pipe
  • Custom Laterals
  • Custom Retrofits
  • Replacement Screens
ION EXCHANGE RESIN ion exchange resin vesselMONOLITHIC FLOORS monolithic floors vesselsPIPE pipe for vesselsPLATE UNDER DRAIN plate under drain vessels

Distributor of Orthos Liquid Systems Products (Including Strainers)